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  • iMOnTime


    A simple but powerful personal reminder program

    iMOnTime is a powerful personal reminder program that allows you to schedule alert messages to popup for one-time or repeating reminders with complex repeating options. You can also create reminder templates, and launch applications or scripts at specified times.

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  • CallitADay


    Write beautiful diaries

    CallitADay is an intuitive and elegant application for creating diaries. Its advanced text layout engine makes your diaries look just gorgeous with text flowing around images and other media objects. Photos, Videos even Documents and Files go right along with your text, you can even record Voice Notes and Videos from the built-in iSight. Exporting your diaries as PDF files makes publishing a lot easier. Publish your notes to your WordPress blog very easily.

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  • iPad


    Peaceful Time with Nature

    TimePeace is an eloquently designed desktop display clock for the iPad and the iPhone. There is a cool analog and a practical digital display clock that are adorned with six high quality HD format nature videos. These displays are designed to bring you closer to nature and can be used anywhere your iPad or iPhone go with you.

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  • iPad


    Chat + Sketch on Google Talk

    Chat with your Googleâ„¢ Talk buddies on your iPhone using regular text or by sketching. Touchat introduces a cool new way of exchanging sketches with your buddies along with regular text messages.

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