Alarms in TimePeace are designed to bring you into consciousness by playing a video and soundtrack that will start your day in a more tranquil and mindful way. The videos include the enlightening movement of Yoga, TaiQi, QiGong, and Martial Arts. These inspiring exercises remind you to wake up and fill your day with energy and purpose. They are accompanied with soothing melodies to alert you it is time to wake up if living with mindful intent is important to you.


TimePeace has a unique function that allows you to practice meditation without losing track of time. You can set the dial for 5-30 minute meditation and then let TimePeace gently stir you back to reality when time is up.


TimePeace is an eloquently designed desktop display clock. There is a cool analog and a practical digital display clock that are adorned with six high quality HD format nature videos. These displays are designed to bring you closer to nature and can be used anywhere your iPhone or iTouch go with you.