“If you are an avid Google Talk user, Touchat may just have a chance at dethroning your current favorite chat application for your iPhone.”

Chat with your Google™ Talk buddies on your iPhone using regular text or by sketching. Touchat introduces a cool new way of exchanging sketches with your buddies along with regular text messages.

Buddy List

Touchat offers a clean buddy list with buddy names color-coded based on buddy availability. If a buddy is available for chat, the buddy name is displayed in green. If a buddy is busy, the buddy name is displayed in red. If a buddy is idle, the buddy name is displayed in amber. If you need a quick look at the buddy status messages then just click the “More” button at the top and you will see the status messages of your buddies.
The chat list also shows the image for buddies who support sketching.

Buddy Info

The Buddy Info screen displays all information for a buddy. You can assign a nickname to the buddy, add the buddy to your Favorites list, or start chatting from right here.


The chat interface starts with a ‘Chats’ tab where you will find your chats organized as ‘Active’ and ‘Recent’. Any chat that has received messages, or has messages sent from will automatically be marked as active. On the right hand side of the chat cell is displayed the time for last activity in the chat. If you have any new messages in a chat, the time will be displayed in red. The chat list also has a More/Less button to switch between detailed views. Clicking a chat in the chat list, will take you to the chat view.

The chat view displays the text and sketch messages together in the order they were sent or received. It also supports paging so that flipping horizontally will take you to the next or the previous chat. Sent messages are displayed in Green bubbles and received messages are displayed in Grey bubbles. All sketch messages are displayed in White bubbles to maintain color contrast.

The chat toolbar located at the bottom shows the number of messages in the current chat, and also allows you to switch between text and sketch modes.

Editing Chat Messages

The edit button located at the top right corner allows you to edit the list of chat messages for any chat. You can quickly clear the entire contents of a chat by touching “Clear All” or just all the status messages by touching “Clear Status Messages”. You can also delete individual messages from the chat.


Touching the smiley on the right of the text entry area shows the set of available emoticons you can insert in your text messages. Touching an emoticon inserts the text code for the emoticon in the text.

Sketching Toolbar

The sketch area has a scrollable toolbar that allows you to choose between colors, change the stroke width and undo or redo strokes. When you are done with sketching, just tap the chat list view and the sketch field will animate and shrink to give you maximum area to view the chat messages. The color selected for sketching is marked with a square border.

Account Management

Touching an account in the Accounts tab takes you to the Account Info screen for that account. Here you can change your presence, set a custom status message, change your avatar, or change your password. You can choose your avatar from your iPhone photo library or take a photo using your iPhone camera.